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synchrony tuning curves

Hi, could someone point me to a source where the properties of vector
strength (or magnitude of the response fundamental frequency component) as
a function of tone-frequency (above and below BF) are discussed ? Any
location along the auditory neuraxis is fine, but auditory-nerve or
cochlear nucleus would be ideal.  For auditory nerve, I have seen
tuning-curves based on mean-rate, of course, and also a few examples of
phase-characteristics (Anderson et al).. and also many examples of maximum
vector strength as a function of BF in the population (e.g. Johnson), but
never tuning-curves (or response areas) based on synchrony. There is a bit
in the classic Johnson paper (1980 JASA: Synchrony and
Discharge-Rate.....), but I was wondering if someone knew of a more
recent/substantial discussion.

Thanks !!