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Re: data reduction: Ear damage by MP3, DVD and digital television?

Dear list with tinnitus discussion,
If the technique like 'removing those spectral sound portions at the auditory threshold' may
introduce tinnitus in the future, we should assume the current tinnitus was introduced by the
modern TV and radio, which have produced 'unnatural sound' to us since 100 years ago.
Do we find another fundamental or funny reason of tinnitus?
"From the view of neuronomy it is therefore to classify, although not as acutely dangerous, at least as very precarious that a wider and wider spreading audio transmission technology for data reduction just systematically removes those spectral sound portions at the auditory threshold, on those normally the hearing processor fields of our brain decide whether they shall be perceived or filtered out, because so the signal for their self calibration is missing, whereby at longer term a maladjustment of the hearing processor fields can threaten. Possible consequences of intensive consumption of datareduced audio material could therefore include ear noises (tinitus), ..."
- Yadong
The real legacy of Shannon's research, beyond all the neat results, is the 
existence proof that systems can be made understandable if we take the 
time to understand them.