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Ventriloquism aftereffect !

Dear List,

We are planning an experiment involving the so-called "ventriloquism
aftereffect", i.e. an enduring shift in the perception of the spatial
location of acoustic stimuli after a period of exposure to spatially
disparate and simulataneously presented acoustic and visual stimuli.

We would like to know if, for a 3D-localization task, presenting the
visual stimuli on a 2D-surface (indicating the stimulus position by
means of a coordinate system or a perspective view with/without
3D-simulation on a computer monitor) and presenting the auditory stimuli
via headphones (individually measured HRTFs), would initiate the
"ventriloquism aftereffect".

The main question is: Would 2D display of the visual stimuli, which is a
somehow artificial and abstract presentation, lead to a "complete"
remapping of auditory space, including stimulus locations in-between
those presented in the training session, or would it just cause
re-association of auditory locations with altered visual locations (for
the specific locations tested in the training period, only)?

Thanks in advance,

Bernhard Laback

Bernhard Laback, Ph.D.
Acoustics Research Institute
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Liebigg. 5, A-1010 Wien
Tel.: 0043-1-4277-29514
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