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Re: The Bach Choral Dilemma

Hello Leon,

Unfortunately this posting was ascribed to me incorrectly (as is
evident - I don't have wife - though I do have a husband).  I had
responded to an earlier posting by Sigard Saue.

Best regards,

Diana Deutsch

Why does Diana describe such sad stories in which a wife
obliges her guy to listen to interpretations he does not like?
Why is the player not allowed to pause for each bass note?
Why do you believe in one god in the era of scientific polytheism?
Leon van Noorden

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 Verzonden: 29 jan 03 11:23
 Onderwerp: Re: The Bach Choral Dilemma

 On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Diana Deutsch wrote:

 > >My wife has a recording of the cello suites by Morten Zeuter, a Danish
 > >cellist, in which he pauses slightly before and after every bass note
 > >and thereby destroys the streaming effect. I have always been
 annoyed by
 > >that performance (I even think it got a Danish music award).
 Excuse my ignorance, but if performance can cause such a huge difference,
 then shouldn't it be denoted somehow in the music sheet?

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