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Re: Height and pitch

For me the relation between pitch and height has everything to do with
singing. If you want to sing a heigh note you raise your "adam's apple'
you make you neck long and you are going even to stand on your toes
to reach the highest notes. (Try to sing a low note in that position.)
For singing a low note you have to lower your adams apple, you make your
short and you lower your jaw. (Try to sing a high note in that position.)

Leon van Noorden

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> Onderwerp: Height and pitch
> Hi,
> I have come across a paper that suggests that the relationship
> between pitch
> and vertical height has more to do with western music education than some
> universal spatial cognitive strategy:
> Walker, R. The effects of culture, environment, age, and musical
> training on
> choice of visual metaphors for sound. Perception & Psychophysics,
> 42(5):491-502, November 1987.
> Can anybody comment on the idea that cultures that are not educated in the
> western music tradition tend to make random selections in relation to the
> relationship between pitch and height?
> Cheers
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