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Territorium/personal space

Dear List,
In august 2001 there was a discussion on this list about causes of annoyance by cell or mobile phone use(rs), in particular about the question whether mobile phone users generally speak louder or not. Also, it was conjectured that greater annoyance about mobile conversation versus exposure to ordinary conversation might be due to the possible greater (more feared) power/status attributed to mobile speaker than to ordinary speaker. The former (with his/her invisible supporter?) would more easily be perceived as invading my territory/personal space more than the ordinary speaker.
I am planning to conduct some experimental research into this subject with some students.
A first literature search does not seem to offer much specific guidance.
Therefore, I would appreciate any reference to (ongoing?) research conducted in this specific or in closely related areas. 
Thanks a lot
Pieter Jan Stallen ----- Leiden University ----- Netherlands ----- stallen@fsw.leidenuniv.nl