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Re: otoacoustic emission recordings

Oh - OK,
Thanks for the suggestion that I re-submit, D.M.

I have been writing about the Lateral OC projections and their
interaction with the afferents higher then the IHC.
I know a majority of the work relating to OAEs has been with the Medial
OC projections  and their interactions with the OHC, however I believe
that due to the  innervation of the LOC efferents at the spiral
ganglion, it is possible that response signals are shifted in frequency
(which I believe happens with SOAEs and perhaps other OAEs ?).
My point is this ... it is possible that the signal generated by the
IHC/LOC interaction may be fed into the MOC and back to the
OoCorti/Basilar system.

Consequently I would like to check this theory with some OAE audio
I assume recordings come in pairs of input and output, where the
output represents the recorded OAEs and the input represents the
stimulus signal presented to the ear.
I have only read a few papers by Zwicker and others which mention these
OAEs ... I don't have the resources to set these experiments up 'cause I
am a PhD candidate towards the end of my course.

guidance / signals appreciated, and thanks too !

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 08:07:20AM -0600, D. McFadden wrote:
> greetings
> i take it that you mean you want to study the OAEs collected by someone
> else, not that you want to collect OAEs
> correct?
> further, i presume that you mean SOAEs, not CEOAEs
> correct?
> well, yes, we do have spectra for a large number of ears
> and those could be transformed back into time waveforms
> i suppose the primary question is what you plan to do with these SOAE waveforms
> perhaps part of the answer would be for you to give me some idea of what
> you have done in the past
> perhaps you could send some reprints?
> dm
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> ============
> >Hello,
> >
> >I am interested in looking at OAEs.
> >I was wondering whether anyone had available input/output audio files
> >for some OAEs ?
> >
> >thanks
> >Matt
> >
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> >http://mffm.darktech.org
> >
> >WSOLA TimeScale Audio Mod  : http://mffmtimescale.sourceforge.net/
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WSOLA TimeScale Audio Mod  : http://mffmtimescale.sourceforge.net/
FFTw C++                   : http://mffmfftwrapper.sourceforge.net/
Vector Bass                : http://mffmvectorbass.sourceforge.net/
Multimedia Time Code       : http://mffmtimecode.sourceforge.net/