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Re: Fast Trills or How fast are fast trills?

Dear Judy,

I don't know of any quantitative references on how fast it is possible to
play trills on the piano, but there are very nice musical examples (some of
which include player pianos rather than actual performers). For this I would
recommend different recordings of:

1) Gyorgy Ligeti, Continuum (it has both harpsichord and piano versions)
    - There exist many nice examples of this work. The CD released under
Sony label (Ligeti Edition, Vol.5 Mechanical Music)
2) Gyorgy Ligeti, Etudes for piano
    - A good and recent example is Idil Biret's latest recoring of first two
sets of Etudes released this year under Naxos.
3) Conlon Nancarrow, Studies for player piano
    - as far as I know, Joanna McGregor played and recorded some of these
"player piano" pieces

I believe, a rhythmical analysis of different recordings will give an idea
of how fast it is possible to play the piano (in general) and trills (in

All the best,
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Subject: Fast Trills or How fast are fast trills?

> Does anybody know of references on how fast it's possible to trill
> (piano)?  And is this limited by capability of the performer or
> recovery time for the action?
> thanks,
> Judy
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