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Fw: Pitch neurons (was "Autocorrelation-like ...")

Dear colleagues
 My question is very simple.
Who really observed a central auditory units with internal periodicity? Of
course, there are plenty of units with periodal firing (choppers). Of
course, there are a plenty of units with band-pass modulation tranfer
function.Of course there are plenty of units with periodical autocorrelation
However all these effects could be obtained simply by strong postspike
decrease in discharge probability.
To see a real unit with internal periodicity I would like to observe a
periodicity in spontaneous activity or in hasard fubction of evoked activity
or at last in latency distibution. The only hints  about sach effects I
could see in some G.Langner studies, which have done mainly on guinea foul.
Therefore I'll be very happy to receive some other examples of real internal
tuning in central auditory units.
(of course some hair cells have this feature).
Thank you,

Nikolay G. Bibikov
Dr.Biol., Corr-member RANS
N.N.Andreyev Acoustics Institute
t.1269032,f.1268411, e-mail bibikov@akin.ru