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new ideas in autocorr., phase-locking, formant filtering, spectral regul., can timbre, evolution, etc.

Dear Al, and dear all,

About 30 months ago, Jont and I obeyed your suggestion for inviting
abundant or marginal discussion to our own pages. My forum is still
available at
http://iesk.et.uni-magdeburg.de/~blumsche/AuditoryFunction.html even if I
had to have a new address: http://home.arcor.de/eckard.blumsche because not
yet everybody immediately understood that real time has a natural zero, and
this has some implications.

While nobody should feel urged to use this opportunity, I myself will reply
there and take issue after the DAGA with respect to posts by Annemarie
Seiters, Bob Carlyon, Chen-Gia Tsai, Christian Kaernbach, John Bates,
Martin Braun, Peter Cariani, and Reddy Sivaprasad.

As a preliminary summary, I realized unchanged 'established' competing
positions while I missed almost any comment on my just upcoming ideas (cf.
25.02. and twice 27.02). Well, I know that the second filter is an old hat.
However, why did nobody point me to a paper which already uttered my idea
of autocorrelation via a second spectral analysis of the cochlear spectrum,
and perhaps to an other paper proving this wrong?

Eckard Blumschein