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Re: temporal resolution

Title: Re: temporal resolution
Hi Dave:

Arai & Greenberg (1998) studied speech intelligibility in samples in which spectral slices had undergone temporal jitter of this general kind.  My recollection is that asynchronies up to (and sometimes exceeding) 200 ms could support 50%-correct word recognition.  "Correct word recognition" is, of course, not the same thing as "perceptual equivalence".  My point is only that the Arai & Greenberg article might be a good place to start looking for the evidence you need.  I hope that this helps.  All good wishes,


Arai, T., and Greenberg, S.  (1998)  Speech intelligibility in the presence of cross-channel spectral asynchrony.  Proc. IEEE Conf. Acoust. Speech Signal Proc., Seattle, 933-936.

I've posted this message to the music-dsp list so apologies to anyone who recieves it twice (should have posted it here in the first place since its more appropriate).
Consider the case where an audio signal is filtered into subbands and each subband is passed through a delay (of different duration for each subband) before recombination of subbands to produce a new signal. What would be the maximum permissible difference between the maximum and minimum delays so that the new signal is perceptually equivalent to the original?