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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 9 Mar 2003 to 11 Mar 2003 (#2003-58)

This was Flanagan's masters thesis. It was published in JASA

   author = {Flanagan, J. L.},
   title = {Effect of delay distortion upon the intelligibility and
quality of speech},
   journal = JASA,
   volume = {23},
   pages = {303-307},
   month = may,
   year = {1951}

I've posted this message to the music-dsp list so apologies to
anyone who recieves it twice (should have posted it here in the
first place since its more appropriate).

Consider the case where an audio signal is filtered into subbands
and each subband is passed through a delay (of different duration
for each subband) before recombination of subbands to produce a new
signal. What would be the maximum permissible difference between the
maximum and minimum delays so that the new signal is perceptually
equivalent to the original?