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Announcing a Matlab version of the Auditory Image Model (AIM)

Announcing a Matlab version of the Auditory Image Model (AIM)

Some time ago, we developed a time-domain model of auditory processing to
simulate the auditory images we hear when presented with complex sounds
like music, speech, bird songs, engines, etc*. In this model, an auditory
filterbank is used to perform a spectral analysis of a sound wave and
convert into a simulation of the basilar membrane motion (BMM) that the
sound would produce in the cochlea. Then a bank of haircell simulators is
used to convert the BMM into a simulation of the Neural Activity Pattern
(NAP) that the sound would produce at the level of the auditory nerve or
cochlear nucleus. And finally, a form of Strobed Temporal Integration is
applied to each channel of the NAP to stabilize any repeating patterns in
the NAP and convert it into a simulation of our auditory image of the sound.

The original version of AIM (aim1992) was written in C and limited to Unix
operating systems. There was also a version, referred to as aim2000, for
the DSAM/AMS platform of O'Mard and Meddis. It was also written in C but it
is available for Windows and Linux as well as Unix systems.

Now we have produced a Matlab version of AIM (aim2003) to provide a
flexible development platform for auditory modelers and to take advantage
of the display options in Matlab. It is referred to as aim-mat and the code
can be downloaded from the CNBH web site.


* Introductions to the auditory image model are presented in:

Patterson, R.D., Robinson, K., Holdsworth, J., McKeown, D., Zhang, C. and
Allerhand M. (1992) 'Complex sounds and auditory images', In: Auditory
physiology and perception, Proceedings of the 9h International Symposium on
Hearing, Y Cazals, L. Demany, K. Horner (eds), Pergamon, Oxford, 429-446.

Roy D. Patterson, Mike H. Allerhand and Christian Giguere (1995).
Time-domain modelling of peripheral auditory processing: A modular
architecture and a software platform, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. vol 98, 1890-1894.

Patterson, R.D. (2000). "Auditory images: How complex sounds are
represented in the auditory system," J. Acoust. Soc. Japan(E) 21 (4), 183-190.

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