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Re: Visuo-Auditory Hallucination


Thank you to all who have replied to my post.  You have raised some
interresting points.  On the one side of the spectrum, there have been
enqueries about whether I may have been exposed to medication or
electromagnetic pulses; on the other side, there have been suggestions that
these kinds of hallucinations may precede or accompany migraine headaches.
At least so far, I have seen no evidence of either of these possible causes
(despite the persistent 'mild headache' that I mentioned, that persists even
as I type these words, I have never had migraine).

The lights that I saw fascinated me, but, for a while, I was a little
worried about them, and especially about the 'gunshot' in my head (as
another member accurately put it).  As long as they occur 'post-sleep', I
will enjoy them.  When your mind does these things to you, as a scientist,
you tend to wonder just how large the difference between 'post-sleep'
hallucinations and full-blown, any-time-of-the-day hallucinations are.

It is comforting now that I have heard that it happens to some of you too,
without becoming something more serious.

Let me put it this way: It is nice to know I am not the only crazy freak out
there! :-).

Marius Myburg.