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Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology

Call for papers:

The ESCOM Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology (Graz/Austria,
15-18 April 2004) will be a forum for constructive interaction between
and among subdisciplines of musicology such as acoustics, computing,
cultural studies, education, ethnomusicology, history, psychology, and
theory/analysis. Most papers and posters will be authored by two
scholars representing two different subdisciplines of musicology. The
deadline for abstract submission is 31 October 2003.

Further information at http://gewi.uni-graz.at/~cim04/.

Richard Parncutt, Ph.D., Professor of Systematic Musicology
Institut für Musikwissenschaft der KF-Universität Graz
Mozartgasse 3,  A-8010 Graz (Austria/Europe)
Tel +43 316 380-2409, Fax +43 316 380-9755
Email parncutt@uni-graz.at, Web http://www-gewi.uni-graz.at/muwi