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Re: Hearing Loss Simulations


If you do a Google Search for "hearing loss simulation" you will find
several hits.  The only one that really looks promising to me has a demo
that doesn't seem to like Windows XP.

My problem with the ones that I have heard is that for sensorineural
hearing loss, they typically only filter frequency bands to mimic the
pure tone audiogram, and don't do a good job presenting a concept of
loudness recruitment or phonemic regression.  These are, in my
experience, more handicapping than the loss of sensitivity.

There may be some out there, but I haven't run into them yet.

As for CI simulations, how on earth could anyone with normal hearing
know that a CI will ultimately be perceived like to a patient?

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Brad Ingrao, M.S.Ed. CCC-A, FAAA
EDEN - The Electronic Deaf Education Network
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Does anyone know where to obtain (hopefully on the Web)
.WAV files simulating what would be heard by people with various hearing
losses, including cohlear implant users?


Robert Masta

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