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Analyzing speech & possibilities of its modification

Dear all,
Ive just been added to the list. Let me present myself: Im a psychology student at the university of Lake Constance, in the south of Germany. Ive started for some time with a research dealing with prosody and especially with pitch variations. Ive been looking for better ways of analyzing prosody, being able to differentiate loudness and pitch (and thus, pitch variations). So far it has been possible to record speech by using a program called Creative Wave Studio. The resulting data was then trascribed into statistical data using Matlab.
My problem has been the confusion between loudness and pitch. Is there a program which makes this distinction possible?
Another aim I have in mind is finding another program which should serve as a feedback system, in order to train subjects (such as, for example, actors) to produce more variations in pitch and thus be perceived to have a more "lively speech melody".  Does there exist such program that shows the subjects how their prosody is represented on a computer screen while they speak and thus, how they could modify it?
Many thanks and all the best,
Stephen Crawcour