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At 11:04 -0700 18/07/03, soundmathtech.com wrote:
I would like to re-iterate once more that, in our opinion, all
conventional methods
of pitch detection (e.g. correlation-, spectrum- or cepstrum-based) are
not viable anymore:
they cannot even approach the level of robustness and generality
demonstrated by our new method.
This is a strong claim.  How is it substantiated?  The paper you cite
does not report any formal evaluation.

I read the paper.  Setting aside the notions of "state space
embedding" and "chaos theory" and looking at the operations that the
algorithm performs, it appears that the method is not radically
different from an earlier method such as AMDF.  True, a number of
features distinguish it from that method, but I see no reason to
think that they are in its favor.  Maybe I missed something.

The code provided on the web page (matlab p-files) doesn't work on my
system, so I couldn't do any actual testing.  If you can provide
matlab m-files I will.

Alain de Cheveigne'
Ircam - CNRS,
1 place Igor Stravinsky, 75004, Paris, FRANCE.
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