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Re: high quality sound system for fMRI

Dear List,

I tried to contact Resonance Technology about more detailed specs and a
price quote. Unfortunately, they didn't get back to me after 5 e-mails to
different addresses, or even after I called them and they promised an
immediate reply. The imagers at Cambridge are using their system, which
broke down a couple of weeks ago. They were not able to get any response
from the company for over 2 weeks! Just thought you should know. Maybe they
prefer the North-American market....

I came across another electro-static system with CE marking and a good
frequency response from a group in Germany. It is a spin-off from an audio
lab and they seem very competent. Their web site is http://www.mr-confon.de

Best wishes,


At 19:58 21/08/03, you wrote:


Please keep the list informed of your evaluation of the Resonance
Technology system.  My dealings with them in the past have been plagued
by secretiveness about system performance and misleading and/or
inflated claims, and the frequency response they claim for this new
system seems unlikely.  It would be beneficial to the imaging community
to know if their claims now are believeable.

Mike Ravicz, Eaton-Peabody Lab., Mass. Eye & Ear Inf., Boston MA 02114
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