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Free ANOVA program for large data sets

The Human Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory in Martinez is pleased to
announce the release of CLEAVE ("C Language Exploratory Analysis of
Variance with Enhancements"). CLEAVE is a free program designed for the
analysis of very large data sets of the sort obtained in experiments using
EEG and fMRI.
CLEAVE runs on any operating system and is distributed with executables for
Windows and Linux as well as with source code for compilation on other systems.

CLEAVE incorporates easy-to-use data specifications (a list of factors
followed by a variable), and adds a number of feature enhancements including

1) Corrections of degrees of freedom for non-independent factors including
Geisser-Greenhouse, Huyhn-Feldt, and Lower Bound epsilon correction and
their corresponding corrected p values for repeated measures designs.

2) Treatment magnitude estimations: partial omega squared, partial eta
squared, and R squared.

3) A convenient ranking of factors based upon treatment magnitudes and
significance levels.

4) Post-Hoc Significance Tests: Scheffe Post-Hoc test parameters and
pairwise comparison tests of factor level significance (Bonferroni and
Sidak) with many options.

5) Post-Hoc Power Table: This table can be used during trial runs to gauge
how many subjects will be needed in order to achieve significant results
given a fixed number of subjects.

6) Random Factors - this allows the user to generalize the conclusions of
the ANOVA to factor levels not studied by assuming that specified factor
levels in the experiment are representative of those of the population

7) A configuration file to make the program more tunable.

For a free download please visit http://www.ebire.org/hcnlab.

Good Luck,
David Woods

David L. Woods, Professor of Neurology, Dept. of Neurology,UC Davis,
Chief, Clinical Neurophysiology and Chief, Research fMRI imaging,
Neurology Service (127E), Building R4, VANCHCS, 150 Muir Rd., Martinez, CA
Tel (925) 372-2571, Fax (925) 229-2315 Email:dlwoods@ucdavis.edu
Publications: http://marva4.ebire.org/hcnlab