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Re: help

Hi gaosheng,

I have some samples under the "Polyphonic Samples" on my page :

I think the tempo is 180 or 90 bpm.


On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 04:32:16PM +0800, gaosheng wrote:
> Hi
> I am doing beat extraction and need some polymusic samples with the onset
> and tempo to test my algorithm. Where can I freely download some samples?
> Thanks.
> Gao


WSOLA TimeScale Audio Mod  : http://mffmtimescale.sourceforge.net/
FFTw C++                   : http://mffmfftwrapper.sourceforge.net/
Vector Bass                : http://mffmvectorbass.sourceforge.net/
Multimedia Time Code       : http://mffmtimecode.sourceforge.net/