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Research Assistant post available

Research Assistant post available at University College London,
Department of Phonetics and Linguistics

A 12-month ESRC-funded post is available for a researcher with a
background in phonetics and speech perception at the Master's or PhD
level. The postholder will assist in the development and testing of
computer-based phonetic training programs for second-language learners.
The responsibilities will include recording and analyzing speech
stimuli, and carrying out experiments with Japanese adults who are
learning English. Experience with acoustic analysis and human subject
testing is essential. Starting salary is GDP 22,445per annum, including
London Allowance. Further particulars can be found at

Send requests for further information and applications, including the
names  of two academic referees and a CV, to Dr P Iverson, Department
of Phonetics  and Linguistics, 4 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HE (or
email to pi9988@phon.ucl.ac.uk). Tel. 020 7679 7419. Closing date is
Monday,  27 October 2003.