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Suggestions for a sound level meter

Hello everyone,
I'd like to first apologize to everyone whos a part of both lists and will
receive two copies of this mail.

We work on acoustic communication in Othopteran insects and we were
looking for a sound level meter for our recordings. We already own a Bruel
and Kajaer with the 1/4th inch mike but unfortunately buying another one
would be too expensive for us. So we were looking for alternatives, any
suggestions would be very helpful.

We need a SPL meter (which is cheaper than the B and K) with a compatible
mike that has a good frequency response between 2kHz and 100 kHz. It
should have an AC output to record from. It will be principally used
outdoors, so it should be fairly rugged.

The only other company we have heard of is Larson and Davies. They seem to
have a mike that has the requisite frequency response (2250). But it isnt
clear if the SPL meter 824 has the same range. Does anyone know about
these products?

Thanks for your time,
Natasha Mhatre.

Graduate student,
Centre for Ecological Sciences,
Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore - 560012
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