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questions on recording hardware

Dear, list members,
Two questions..
first, I am looking for a "directional" "miniature" microphone of
medium quality and low price(less than $100).
for speech recognition task.
( hope 90 degree directivity, at least unidirectional..)
second, also looking for a h/w and s/w system
to process multi-channel (hopefully 8 chs, at least 4 chs) speech signals.
I want h/w system as compact as possible which can be
used with personal computer with MS windows. ( USB perfered )
There are several I have tried to used, but
they were unstable to deal the data in real time (say, data loss).
Is there any gool solution which is "compact" and "stable" regardless of cost.
Thank you..
best regards,
Kiyoung Park.