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Re: who can help me to find the two papers of K. Scherer

Have you try to contact directly Prof Scherer: Klaus.Scherer@pse.unige.ch
or http://www.unige.ch/fapse/emotion/members/scherer/scherer.html ?

Here are the abstracts of the papers you require with correct references:

Banse, R. & Scherer, K. R. (1996). Acoustic profiles in vocal emotion expression. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 70, 614-636.

Professional actor’s portrayals of 14 emotions varying in intensity and valence were presented to judges. The results on decoding replicate earlier findings on the ability of judges to infer vocally expressed emotions with much-better-than-chance accuracy, including consistently found differences in the recognizability of different emotions. A total of 224 portrayals were subjected to digital acoustic analysis to obtain profiles of vocal parameters for different emotions. The data suggest that vocal parameters not only index the degree of intensity typical for different emotions but also differentiate valence or quality aspects. The data are also used to test theoretical predictions on vocal patterning based on the component process model of emotion (Scherer, 1986). Although most hypotheses are supported, some need to be revised on the basis of the empirical evidence. Discriminant analysis and jackknifing show remarkably high hit rates and patterns of confusion that closely mirror those found for listener-judges. 


Scherer, K. R. (1994). Affect Bursts. In S.H.M. van Goozen, N.E. Vande Poll, & J. A. Sergeant (Eds.), Emotions: Essays on Emotion Theory (p. 161-193). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Presents a plea for research integrating the different facets of affective phenomena / considers the relationship between facial and vocal expression and discusses the major differences between these two modes of externalizing internal states / introduces a particular piece of behavior, which is called "affect burst," as a prime example of integrated facial/vocal expression / identifies some of the major research issues and suggest possible approaches for the empirical study of affect bursts. 

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Subject:             who can help me to find the two papers of K. Scherer
Hello, everyone

I am looking for the two papers of Prof. scherer:

acoustic profiles in vocal emotion expression
in Journal of personality and social psychology

affect bursts
in Emotions

as for I am trying to recognize the emotions from affect bursts, computationally

but currently I can not find the journal and the book in China, 
or any access to them or buy them on internet

so who can send me the copies of the paper, or tell me how I can buy them, or any channels to read them

thanks a lot


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