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1/f spectra

Dear List,

I have heard it said on a number of occasions that 1/f spectra are very
commonly encountered among natural signals, and one might perhaps expect
the auditory system to reflect this fact in its design
(perhaps the fact that auditory filters get wider at higher CF and are
approximately logarithmically spaced is a simple relfection of the 1/f
nature of many sounds?)
However, I don't know ANY literature that discusses this 1/f phenomenon. I
seem to remember somebody mentioning at a conference that there is a
"classic" Science paper that marks the "discovery of the 1/f phenomenon".
If that is the case, I'd love to know the citation for it. Any other
references for other (particularly recent!) work relating to 1/f and it's
role in audition would of course also be very welcome. (Even better would
be pdf files of relevant papers, if anyone has any).

Thank you very much in advance for your help,

Jan Schnupp
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