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Dear List,

we are planning a study to examine the effects of selective attention on
the processing of speech and music (i.e., to what extend is music
processed if the attention is focused on speech, and does music
influence somehow the processing of speech).
Speech and music will be presented via headphones simultaneously to the
participants and attention should be directed to music in one condition
and to speech  in the other condition.
A dichotic listening situation with speech presented to the one ear and
music to the other ear would be (and sound) rather unnatural,
but we couldn't find any study in the literature where the stimuli are
mixed in one channel.
So my question is:

can I "mix" the two channels (so as if there is one person talking from
the right side and a radio is playing simultaneously some music from the
left side)?

If yes, what would be an appropriate ratio of music/speech (20/80;
30/70,  50/50) in one channel ?
Is the level of "gating"  (cochlea(?), brain stem (?), thalamus (?),
cortex) for both information (speech/music) different in a
dichotic listening situation?

At this level we are mainly interested in the effects of selective
attention, and not in the specialization of the two hemispheres for
music- and speech processing, so a dichotic situation is not
necessarily needed.

Looking forward to read your advises and remarks!

Thank you very much and best regards,
Clemens Maidhof

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