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New version of TEN test

Dear Colleagues,

Those of you who work on hearing impairment may interested in a new version
of the TEN test for diagnosis of dead regions in the cochlea.  The new TEN
test has the following advantages over the original version: (1) All levels
are expressed in dB HL.  Thus, absolute thresholds only need to be measured
once. (2) Calibration is such that both the noise level/ERB and the test
tone levels correspond to the values indicated on the audiometer.  This
makes the test simpler to apply, and reduces the likelihood of errors. (3)
The noise bandwidth is restricted, and the noise has a low crest
factor.  This allows the noise level/ERB to be increased while avoiding
distortion, excessive loudness, and possible further damage to hearing.

For further information, please see:


Best wishes,

Brian C.J. Moore, Ph.D, FMedSci, FRS
Professor of Auditory Perception,
Department of Experimental Psychology,
University of Cambridge,
Downing Street,
Cambridge CB2 3EB,

tel. + 44 (0) 1223 333574
fax + 44 (0) 1223 333564