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Re: Sound Level Meters

Michael Gordon wrote (in part):
>Strange as it may be Radio Shack makes a very consistent Class 2 SLM for
>less than $100. University of Toronto buys hundreds of these for their
>engineering students and has found them to be quite reliable and accurate
>to within 1 dB.

I bought a Radio Shack SLM in 1991 for $120, so it's nice to know the
price has come down.

One of the features you left out is the dB range of the unit. My Radio
Shack model's range is from 50 to 120 dB. This is barely good enough
to measure the noise level in my office, which is mainly due to the
computers. I used to have an old tube B & K which went down to 20 dB.
Ideally, the range would be from 0 to 120 dB.