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Workshop on Statistical and Perceptual Audio Processing

Dear List -

My apologies if you have already seen this announcement.  We are
organizing a workshop on different techniques in audio analysis and
abstraction, to be held just before next year's ICSLP.


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 Call For Papers
 Announcing the 2004 ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Statistical and
 Perceptual Audio Processing.
 2 October 2004 - 3 October 2004, Jeju, Korea

The 2004 Workshop on Statistical and Perceptual Audio Processing
(SAPA2004) will be held at Jeju Island in Korea, as a satellite to the
ICSLP 2004 Jeju Island, Korea. The objective of the one-and-a-half day
workshop is to provide an informal environment for the discussion of
different approaches to various problems in audio and speech
processing. The workshop will run for one and a half days and comprise
three sessions, focusing on statistical, perceptually-motivated and
hybrid methods of processing speech and audio signals.  The aim of the
workshop is to bring together people who work on heuristic, or
perceptually motivated methods of speech, music and audio analysis,
and those that work on similar problems from a statistical angle. We
hope that the participants of the workshop will be exposed to a
broader perspective, and that this will help foster new research, or
interesting variants to current approaches.

Papers describing relevant research and new concepts are solicited on,
but not limited to, the following topics:

 * Generalized audio analysis
 * Speech analysis
 * Music analysis
 * Audio classification
 * Speech recognition
 * Signal separation
 * Multi-channel analysis

We are also interested in work that relates CASA based methods to
other statistical methods, e.g. ICA, and other methods that use
CASA-like cues in a statistical framework, e.g. for separation or

Papers may be submitted at the conference website: http://www.sapa2004.org.
Manuscripts must be between 4 and 6 pages long, in standard
double-column format.  A link to formatting instructions is available
at the workshop website, on the call for papers page.  Accepted papers
will be published in the workshop proceedings.

For additional details, please see the workshop webpages at
or contact the organizers.

Paper submission will be enabled on 1 Jan 2004. Papers must be recieved by
15 March 2004. The results of the paper review will be posted by 1 May 2004.


 Dr. Bhiksha Raj
 Research Scientist
 Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs,
 Cambridge, MA, USA, 02139
 617 621 7593

 Dr. Paris Smaragdis
 Research Scientist
 Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs,
 Cambridge, MA, USA, 02139
 617 621 7561

 Prof. Daniel Ellis
 Assistant Professor
 Columbia University
 New York
 212 854 8928