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Re: Acoustic Lab


Building a reverb/TL test chamber is a fairly complicated task and needs to
be done very carefully.  It is most economically built locally with proper
design guidance by an architect and acoustical consultant.  Even if there
were design guidelines or a book on how to do it, typical construction
questions require an acoustical consultants guidance.

While I would be happy to assist, it probably isn't economical to consult
from Chicago (although Turkey is closer than many projects in China that
I've worked on).  Angelo Farina at the University of Parma in Italy might be
able to help or recommend someone who can.

Good Luck with your project.

David Prince

> Dear List Members,
> Our university is on the way to build a new acoustic lab in architecture
> department. I am asked to select the equipments and prepare a cost. In the
> first run,a reverberant chamber and basic sound and noise
> equipments will be
> enough. The lab will test the sound absorption and sound transmission of
> panels. In the future, more will be done.
> Would you offer me some economic ways for construction or sources to get
> help? I live in Turkey and it is expensive to get the building equipments
> from abroad. it seems more proper to prepare the construction details and
> build it here.

> Ayce Dosemeciler