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college graduate looking for acoustics/audio employment

Hello All,
     I am completing my undergraduate this year at the University of
Rochester in mechanical engineering and acoustical signal processing,
and I am currently looking for employment. I feel that I would benefit
from more experience as a researcher and/or worker in industry/lab
setting before pursuing my graduate studies. I am very interested in
various aspects of auralization, audio and acoustical signal
processing, acoustics of recording/audio reproduction systems, and
binaural & spatial sound perception and modelling. Although I am just
finishing my B.S. I have been working in the field of acoustics and
audio for many years and have presented some of my research at the
148th Conference of the ASA this past November in San Diego. I am an
enthusiastic and able researcher who works well independently as well
as in group settings. I have attached a copy of my resume which will
hopefully give you a better understanding of my background. Thank you
and best wishes.

- cobi

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