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CFP: Music and Gesture 2, 20-23 July 2006, RNCM (UK)

With apologies for cross-posting this reminder...

Second International Conference on Music and Gesture

Royal Northern College of Music
Manchester (UK)

20-23 July 2006


The study of music and gesture has matured over the past few decades:
our understanding of the ways in which gestures function in and in
relation to our musical lives has developed, and our awareness of
different types of gestures (including physical, cognitive,
psychological, expressive, emotional and analytical) has increased.
Following the success of the First International Conference on Music and
Gesture in August 2003, the time is ripe for extended inquiry. This
conference seeks to explore further the relationships between music and
gesture in performance, listening, composition and other activities. 

Keynote addresses will be given by Stephanie Jordan (UK), Elisabeth
LeGuin (US), John Rink (UK), Colwyn Trevarthen (UK) and Luke Windsor
(UK). The programme will also include a special workshop with Robert
Hatten (US). The programme committee invites proposals for papers of 20
minutes duration in all areas, including the following:

General Thematic Areas
- Performance Practice
- Chamber Music
- Conducting 
- Theory & Analysis
- Psychology of Music
- Popular Music & Film 
- Emotion
- Rhetoric
- Music and Dance
- 20th Century Music
- Semiotics 

Special Thematic Areas
- Models and Modelling: examining the role of models and modelling in
practice and theory, from compositional parody, pastiche and quotation
to computer-aided models of performing and perception
- Gesture and Intention: addressing, in various ways, the question of
whether gestures can be understood without concepts like consciousness,
subjectivity, causality, action, and intention
- Gesture and Musical Development: exploring gestures in musical
development from infanthood to adulthood, including issues of pedagogy,
educational practice and physiology
- Mozart's Gestures: studying music by Mozart, especially the piano
concertos and string quartets, in his anniversary year
- Stravinsky's Gestures: examining music by Stravinsky in the light
of issues such as discontinuity, collage, and fragmentation

Papers devoted to close study of Robert Hatten's book Interpreting
Musical Gestures, Topics and Tropes: Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert
(Indiana UP, 2004). The author will respond to papers on his text.

Postgraduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. Proposals for
poster sessions and roundtables are welcome (roundtable proposals must
include topics and participants). Abstracts of 500 words (max.) should
be sent (preferably by email) to Anthony Gritten, Head of Postgraduate
Studies and Research, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester M13
9RD, UK [email: anthony.gritten@xxxxxxxxxx]. Deadline for receipt of
proposals: 31 January 2006. Programme and booking information announced:
March 2006. The proceedings will be available at the conference on a
CD-ROM. All information is available on the research events pages of the
RNCM website.
Conference Organisers: Anthony Gritten (RNCM), Elaine King (Hull).
Programme Committee: Jane Ginsborg (RNCM), Anthony Gritten, Elaine
King, Nicholas Reyland (Keele).

Dr Anthony Gritten FRCO
Head of Postgraduate Studies and Research
Royal Northern College of Music
124 Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9RD
Tel: (44)(0)161-907-5380
Email: anthony [dot] gritten [at] rncm [dot] ac [dot] uk
Web: http://www.rncm.ac.uk