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Re: In search of Basic Pedagogical Audio Material

I have received good responses from students when I played some of Al Bregman's very nice demos. The cd can be ordered from his webpage http://www.psych.mcgill.ca/labs/auditory/bregmancd.html for $25. Some of the demos can be downloaded for free.

I usually also use the ASA demo cd which can be purchased at their website http://asa.aip.org/discs.html for $5.

Erick Gallun
Hearing Research Center
Boston University

At 10:26 AM 1/10/2006, Olivier Tache wrote:
Dear all,

Within a very short (2 days) course on Sound Synthesis, I would like to introduce the very basics of psycoacoustics.... in something like 1 hour, or less !

I already have the sufficient scientific background & material.
Unfortunately I have no exemplary sound.

Would anyone have a WWW pointer, or a CD reference, that would help me finding such basic exemplary sounds ?

I would be particularly interested in sound examples on :
- perception of Timbre (3D timbre space, suppression of attacks or of spectral enveloppe evolution, emergence of several instruments by applying vibrato...)
- sound localization, room and space perception
- perception of pitch (of sine sounds, to begin)
- eventually auditory illusions

Note that I don't plan on offering a deep introduction to psychouacoustics at all.
Basically, the simple message I would like to transmit to learners is that audio perception is something complex, sometimes astonishing.

I did not find such www pointers in the list archive, nor on google.

I consider generally that asking for pedagogical material is not very nice...
I allow myself to do so in that case because the core topic of my course is not psychoacoustics, and because I am only looking for the basics.

Hope you'll understand !

I thank you all in advance,
all the best,

Olivier Tache

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