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Re: Perceptual experiments

Greetings Tarun,
        For Windows platforms, Presentation (www.neurobs.com) might be a good choice, particularly if you are interfacing to physiological recording equipment.  It supports calibrated outputs and enables you to control multi-channel sound cards (e.g., 24 bit/96k)  with several different modes for sound mixing.  It can play pre-recorded sounds, synthesize relatively simple sounds, and has a Matlab interface for more complicated tasks.  There are also some freeware tools for calibrating the timing  of your stimuli (a problem in multi-tasking systems) with a variety of calibration results from different sound cards.posted on the website.    A full-functioning version of Presentation can be downloaded for free and used for 45 days.  Student licenses are $99/yr.  Example experiments are available both on the website and at www.neuroexpt.com .  That site also contains links to about 15 other software platforms that might be considered for stimulus delivery.

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