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Dear members,

I'm actually writing my PhD thesis, directed by Uli Frauenfelder (University of Geneva), on the role of prosodic cues and other phonological cues to the segmentation of the words in French. Particularly, in the second set of experiments, the particular role of primary accents in speech segmentation is demonstrated. Since prosodic marking is multi-parametric, one of my objectives is to investigate the relative contribution of durational and/or intonational boundary cues to the perception of prominences. I was wondering whether my results should be explained by interindividual differences of sensibility to rhtyhmic and/or to melodic cues.

Since you're working on music, you probably know whether some papers do exist on the individual sensitivity to temporal vs. melodic aspects of music. Could you please advise me on crucial publications relative to this question?

Thank you very much,
Best regards,

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