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TOM - schaeffer

i vaguely remember having seen a translation of the "Traità des Objets Musicaux" available in english somewhere, but sorry, i can't find any good pointer on the internet.
with the help of Leonardo search engine, you will find quite a few potentially interesting references :

otherwise i would recommend the "SolfÃge" which comes with a 3 CD set of examples and explanations given by Schaeffer.
still, in French...

best regards,
vincent rioux

Eleni Lapidaki wrote:

Dear Stefan,

thank you for mentioning Pierre Schaeffer. I also use his ideas about /sound objects/ and /reduced/ /listening/ in my courses both in music psychology and music education. i would appreciate if you could send me any information you have about Pierre Scheffer's Sound Objects. Thanks a lot.

all the best,