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Conference on Neurophysiology of Developmental Disorders

6th International Conference
"Neurophysiology of Developmental Disorders in Children"
1.-2. December 2006
We are happy to announce the sixth international conference
on the ?Neurophysiology of Developmental Disorders in
In addition to last year?s topics such as Specific Language
Impairment, Attention- Deficit/ Hyperactivity- Disorder,
Dyslexia, Cochlea Implant and Autism this year?s conference
focuses also on normal language acquisition, plasticity and
remediation possibilities in children with developmental
disorders. As established during the past years the
neurophysiological point of view will be of central

The conference aims to create an international platform for
researchers to present and discuss their current work.
We would like to ask you to send us proposals for symposia
by July 15, 2006 and topics and abstracts for presentations
and posters by September 30, 2006 under



Neurolinguistisches Labor
Werthmannplatz 3, Postfach 225
D- 79085 Freiburg


Fax +49 - (0)761 - 203 - 3233

Further details regarding registration etc. will soon be
available on our webpage

May we also please ask you to inform your colleagues about
our conference and to add this information to your mailing

Thank you very much!

Gregor Kohls, M.A.
Neurolinguistic Laboratory 
University of Freiburg
Werthmannplatz 3
P.O. Box 225
D-79085 Freiburg, Germany
Phone/Fax: 0049-761-203-9179