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EEG signals

Dear Colleagues,

I am the head of a Laboratory of Speech Acoustics. We have got a task, the object of which is unfamiliar to us. This task would be to reason out if it is possible to find out, by analysis of the EEG signals from a person, which sound source he is concentrates on, in a multi-source space. Also, we had to turn out how the brain reflects the changes in the location of the sound-source, or the switching the attention from one to another sound source.
We are going to run the experiments in our an-echoing chamber.
Have somebody prepared similar experiments? Do you think, it is possible to get usable answers to the above questions by this way?
Or can somebody advice other methods to study these problems?

Waiting for your advices
Thank you in advance

Klara Vicsi

Klara Vicsi, PhD.
Head of the Laboratory of Speech Acoustics
Dept. of Telecommunications and Telematics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Budapest, XI.
Sztoczek u. 2.

tel:36-1-4631940, tel:36-1-4631886
e-mail address: vicsi@xxxxxxxxxxx
home page: http://alpha.tmit.bme.hu/speech/