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ICMC 2006: Submission Extensions and Updates

Please pardon cross postings

ICMC 2006 Submission Extensions and Updates

The music submission link is now active and we are ready to receive works for music, video, and installations. Y'all can find the active links (they are active, really!) to the on-line submission page at www.icmc2006.org by clicking on "Call for Participation." We have also further updated the performance resource page and have SSL certified the conference webpage for your security.

Also, for those of you who could not make the deadline to submit your papers we have extended those as well.

To make the folks who will be presenting at the conference and have submitted early feel better, we will give the first paper submitter and the person who submitted a paper at 11:59:59 PM (or closest to it â if we can find out!) on March 11, 2006 prizes made possible by our generous sponsors.

The new deadlines are as follows:

- Music/video/installations: March 29, 2006

- Papers/posters/demonstrations: March 18, 2006

Please visit the ICMC webpage at www.icmc2006.org for details. Thank you very much.

Tae Hong Park, ICMC 2006 Conference Chair