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Dear list,
As i am new to the list i'd like to say hello to everyone, and also ask a question.
First let me quickly introduce my  field of research, i'm currently conducting some research about objective evaluation techniques for low bit-rate coded  music samples, but in a different way than PEAQ technique
as i intend not to use the original sample for comparison.
As i was investigating known coders artifacts i came across one called "birdies effect" and it seems to me
it is quite important, so i researched a bit for litterature, but most of it deals with "birdies effect" from a
coding point of view and i was not abble to find a perceptual approach of the phenonmenon.
So finally i would be gratefull if anyone could point me toward some good references, some that could
explain the perceptual impact of such a degradation of the spectrum.
I hope that was clear enough, many thanks in advance,