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Ph.D. studentship at Cardiff

Dear all,

A Ph.D. studentship is available in the Cardiff University Psyhology Dept.
The studentship is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences
Research Council as part of a project grant. The topic will be the effect 
of reverberation on perceptual separation of simultaneous voices using 
differences in fundamental frequency.


Culling et al. (1994) "Effects of simulated reverberation on binaural cues 
and fundamental frequency differences for separating concurrent vowels" 
Speech Comm. 14, 71-96. 

Culling et al.  (2003) "Effects of reverberation on perceptual segregation 
of competing voices" J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 114, 2871-2876. 

The grant will pay pay both fees and stipend for any EU citizen. 
Supplementary souces exist for covering the higher fees payable by 
non-EU citizens, especially from developing countries.

Please bring this opportunity to the attention anyone who may be 
interested in applying,


Dr. John F. Culling (Senior Lecturer)
School of Psychology,
Cardiff University.
Tower Building, Park Place, 
CF10 3AT
Tel. +44 29 208 74523
FAX +44 29 208 74858