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semitone spacing in cochlear implants?

Dear members
I am working on the effects of filter spacing on melody recognition as an implication for cochlear implants. I have considered 4 filter spacings (i.e the Mel, ERB, Linear and the Semitone scales) to space 8 AM channels in an overall processing band from 80-4000Hz - for piano played melodies. 
The problem that was faced was in spacing the semitone tone scale.
- if i consider a band width of around 2-3 semitones, i would cover only a small range of the entire band from 80-4000Hz. and inorder to cover the entire range i require many sets of filters spaced with the same width. 
- if i consider a band width of more number of semitones than there would be no diffirence between the linear scaling and the semitone scaling.
As we all know that the semitone scale corresponds the best to the musical scale, is it possible to actually implement it in designing  filter banks used  in cochlear implants? inspite of the fact that it will require more number of independent filters.
I request members to send comments as to wheather i should continue to consider the semitone spacing for my study.
All suggestion are welcome!
With best regards
Dept of Speech pathology & Audiology
MAHE University

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