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Visiting Scholar Opportunity

The Parmly Hearing Institute of Loyola University Chicago announces its
Visiting Scholar Program. The Program supports a visitor to the
Institute who desires to collaborate with one or more of the present
faculty on a research project of mutual interest. The faculty of
presently are William Yost, Raymond (Toby) Dye, Stan Sheft, Richard
John New, and J.D. Trout. The period of the Visiting Scholar Program
variable, from several weeks to several months. Funds are available to
support the visitor's travel expenses, room and board while here, some
research expenses, and a modest stipend. It is the visitor's
responsibility to offer two public presentations on his/her research
while at Parmly. Applications should include a brief research proposal
in an area represented by one of the present faculty, a CV, and letter
summarizing your plans and tentative schedule at Parmly. Most Parmly
visiting scholars have published a paper based on their visit. Address
your application to Richard Fay, Director, Parmly Hearing Institute,
Loyola University Chicago, 6525 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60626