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references about loudness models

Dear Auditory list,

I wish to thank warmly all those who offered their help in finding the reference I was searching for (please see below the original message). As some were interested in hearing about the suggestions I may have received I wished to attach the references given me below. None of them seemed to be the very exact correspondence to the article I had heard about but otherwice most useful.

Thank you again!

Best wishes, Kaisu Krohn

Dear Auditory list,

I would have wished to ask for your help in finding a certain reference. I heard from one professor of Acoustics about an article in which several loudness models for musical signals were tested. In this article, the authors came up with a conclusion that the loudness models didn't necessarily apply in all cases to musical signals since the models usually have been targeted for stationary wideband signals - such as continuous white noise or filtered noise. Unfortunately the professor couldn't recall the exact reference to this work. Would anyone of you know how to find this article? Also, other references related to this topic are of course very welcome!

Very many thanks for your suggestions!

Best wishes, Kaisu Krohn
email: kaisu.krohn@xxxxxxxxxxx


R.M. Aarts. A comparison of some loudness measures for loudspeaker listening tests. J. Audio Eng. Soc., 40(3):142-146, March 1992.

R.M. Aarts. Calculation of the loudness of loudspeakers during listening tests. J. Audio Eng. Soc., 39(1/2):27-38, January/February 1991.

G. Soulodre and M. Lavoie, "Stereo and Multichannel Loudness Perception and
Metering", AES (Audio Engineering Society) Convention, Paper 6618, Oct.
2005 G. Soulodre, "Evaluation of Objective Loudness Meters", AES Convention,
Paper 6161, May 2004.

“Evaluation of Different Loudness Models with Music and Speech Material”

“Loudness Assessment of Music and Speech”

Both are from the proceedings of AES conventions in 2004. You may also want to take a look at:

Grimm, G.; Hohmann, V. & Verhey, J.L. (2002), 'Loudness of fluctuating sounds', ACTA ACUSTICA UNITED WITH ACUSTICA 88(3), 359--368.

Moore, B.C.J.; Glasberg, B.R. & Stone, M.A. (2003), 'Why are commercials so loud? Perception and modeling of the loudness of amplitude-compressed speech', JOURNAL OF THE AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY 51(12), 1123--1132.

And more recently:

Glasberg, B.R. & Moore, B.C.J.
Development and evaluation of a model for predicting the audibility of time-varying sounds in the presence of background sounds

The last two references are based on Glasberg and Moores’ model described in:

Glasberg, B.R. & Moore, B.C.J.
A model of loudness applicable to time-varying sounds