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Re: Word lists in English and German


I would suggest the voices built by


Or if you want to build voices your self, and have audio data in German..


is pretty easy to use and install..


On 4/23/06, Christian Kaernbach < auditory@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear List,

Some weeks ago I asked for (recorded) word lists in English and German.
It seems there is no such database. Holger Mitterer suggested the use of
a speech synthesizer (Thanks, Holger). This might be a good alternative.
Do you have suggestions for speech synthesizers? Our requirements would be:
* German and (US-)English voices
* Ease of use:
   - feed in words (not phonetical transcriptions)
   - easy to install
* Good quality of output

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. Christian Kaernbach
Psychologische Methodik und computergestützte Modellierung
Institut für Psychologie
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