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inharmonicity, vocal jitter, overtone singing


Does anyone know of a study that has measured inharmonicity in the spectra of overtone singers due to irregularities in the vocal folds? I've done a good deal of overtone singing in the western style, a technique that falls between Stockhausen's requirements for Stimmung and various techniques from peoples of the Asian Steppes.

Several years back, I learned to sustain an overtone while moving the fundamental as a way to modulate microtonally—oblique motion in contrapuntal terms. This application of overtone singing has been perceptibly accurate and useful in my experiences with professional vocalists. Because of vocal jitter, however, I wonder about its stability on a micro-level and if there's a threshold in the harmonic series for when it may not be reliable for moving the fundamental precisely.


Toby Twining

Toby Twining
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