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Re: perceptual segregation of sound

Hi! My thoughts:

1) I suppose you make an analogy to the visual system
and attention to objects, there would be some degree
of pre-attentional simultaneous segregation between
streams, but it wouldn't be very good, and it would
take attention (possibly switching back and forth) to
really clearly segregate.

2) There's a bunch of stuff by Bob Carlyon about
attention and streaming, isn't there? Let me know if
you want me to dig through my computer for the
references.  I think his stuff is directly relevant to
your question.

3) I noticed some replies bringing music into the
discussion.  IIRC, Hindemith made claim (as did
someone unrelated) that no trained musician could
follow more than 3 musical lines at the same time.  Of
course this raises questions about what constitutes a
musical line, but I think it's interesting that that
number is almost the same as the number from the sound engineer.


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