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psychometric data on auditory resolution in the horizontal plane

Hello all,

I've been working on an information-theoretical model to predict human auditory resolution and I now need psychometric data on resolution in the horizontal plane to compare my predictions against. I'm looking for data in electronic format measured by any (all) of the various paradigms including MAA, source-identification, etc, in as raw a format as possible. I currently have data from broadband concurrent MAA experiments and some data from narrowband MAA, but am particularly in need of broadband MAA data and data from experiments measuring absolute localization accuracy.

Do any of you have such data available or know of where or from whom I might obtain some?

Many thanks,

Jason E. Summers, Ph.D.
Research Physicist

Acoustics Division, Code 7142

e-mail: jason_dot_summers_at_nrl_dot_navy_dot_mil