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Research DSP Engineer Position in Berkeley, CA

The Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, CA is seeking candidates for a research DSP engineer position. The research center conducts fundamental research into hearing science and technology that will benefit the hearing impaired: http://www.starkeyresearch.com

Please see the text below for a description of the job opening, or download a pdf of the description here:

--Brent Edwards


Research DSP Engineer at the
Starkey Hearing Research Center

?	a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with a career focus on audio signal processing, or equivalent;
?	extensive research expertise in the application of signal processing to acoustics and speech;
?	capabilities in simulations and modeling;
?	skills with signal analysis equipment;
?	significant experience in signal processing analysis and development using Matlab and C/C++;
?	experience programming DSP boards and development tools for real-time audio processing;
?	good written and verbal communication skills;
?	familiarity with assembly coding (preferable, not mandatory);
?	familiarity with psychoacoustics and auditory models (preferable, not mandatory).

?	research and develop new signal processing concepts related to hearing aids;
?	develop real-time implementations of new signal processing algorithms on benchtop and ear-level DSP systems;
?	analyze performance of DSP systems with standard electrical and electroacoustic instrumentation;
?	work with research group members in the design and implementation of human subject experiments to test prototype signal processing algorithms;
?	interact with the main DSP group at Starkey?s R&D headquarters, including management of the transition of technology from the research stage to the product stage;
?	contribute to the company's patent portfolio and monitor competitive technology;
?	maintain up-to-date knowledge of technical developments in audio signal processing;
?	publish research in IEEE and related journals, and present results at conferences;
?	assist in developing the center?s roadmap;
?	collaborate with university researchers.

Starkey Laboratories is the largest hearing aid company in the United States. The Starkey Hearing Research Center, located one block from the UC Berkeley campus, is Starkey?s long-term research facility where scientific and engineering research is conducted and applied to long-term product development. The Center is actively involved with university researchers worldwide. 

Compensation will be commensurate with the experience of the candidate and includes a 401K plan and health care benefits.

Interested candidates should e-mail a cover letter and resume to:

Brent Edwards, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Starkey Hearing Research Center